What do you think...

Is SEO COPYWRITING MASTERY critical to your success?

SEO Copywriting Course – Copy Writing Mastery Review

by | Jan 2, 2016 | MLM Marketing

I will never forget that day…

The doctor walked in, cleared his throat and said,

“I'm sorry. You're terminal. You might want to get your affairs in order.”

And in THAT instant, everything changed.


Because in THAT instant I came to the horrible realization…

When they bury me, they also bury my family… under a MOUNTAIN of medical bills and debt.

Because we didn't have insurance and it turns out..

It can cost a LOT to die…

SEO Copywriting Course Review

So what do you think?

Do you see any value to mastering the art & science of writing persuasive sales copy?

rob-fore-readingIf you are reading these words…

Right here. Right now.

I have to come clean and confess.

It was my INTENTION for you to read them.

Did you catch that?

I intended for you to read them…

INTENTION lies at the heart, soul and science of effective copywriting.

INTENTION lies at the heart, soul and science of effective copywriting... Click To Tweet

Before you ever put pen to paper, you should be very clear on what you want your audience to do. Then write “on purpose” to meet your audience where they are, catch their attention… then gently guide them to experience the result you want for them.

As Mahatma Gandhi would say,

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

My intention was for you to EXPERIENCE getting lost in the flow of compelling copy and if you are still reading these words right now, we're both doing just fine, aren't we?

And now let introduce you to Brian Fanale and his best-selling work:

Copywriting Mastery – an Insider's Review

I met Brian Fanale, one of the co-founders of My Lead System Pro, back in 2010 when he invited me to speak and train at a private 3-day private mastermind event.Ray Higdon & Rob Fore

I was the “outsider” in the group. The newcomer.

But everyone accepted me as one of the family and Ray Higdon even worked his magic and personally recruited me into one of the network marketing deals he was promoting at the time after getting me drunk at the tequila bar.

I'm kidding, of course. About the getting me drunk FIRST, part. LOL

But I did sign up and went on to personally sponsor 30 new reps in 30 days.

But my point is Ray used WORDS… his “copywriting” voice, if you will… to persuade me to take action that weekend versus waiting two or three days until I got home.

He prompted me to take action by dropping this verbal bomb on me:

“Sure, you can do that. You can wait until you get home. That's probably a good idea. But you know, my team is on fire right now and since this is a binary deal… you COULD HAVE a good half dozen new reps in your business before you get home from this weekend.”

What? You're telling me I could MISS OUT on getting a FREE downline?

Oh, I don't want to miss out. No way.

Here's my Amex.

Can we do that now, please?

So at this point, Brian breaks out the white board

.. and for the next four hours, he shows us PROOF upon PROOF about just how much more profitable your business can be if you take the time to master the art & science of becoming a wordsmith that sells.

I didn't need proof. My entire business model is communication, persuasion, motivation and “copy writing” based.

I'm a blogger.

I write. I tell stories. And I sell stuff.

Lots of stuff. Because WORDS sell. Plain and simple.


Get it right and you get rich.

Get it right and you get rich. Click To Tweet

Get it wrong and, well, that's just plain being silly… because there is no reason to reinvent the wheel, right?

No reason to put in all the time and effort required to generate leads…

Only to have them fall through the cracks because you never took the time to learn WHAT to say and HOW to say it to literally compel people to know, like, trust and pay you.

Split-Testing Classified Ad Headlines

Here are the results of a quick “headline” test I ran recently.

Does it surprise you to learn how changing ONE WORD can have such a dramatic effectt?

split test headlines

Notice, too…

How sometimes you get almost a 100% improvement by ADDING the word “secrets” and sometimes you will actually decrease results by adding the word “secrets”.

Therein lies the ART of copywriting.

There are many scientifically based methods to immediately help you generate more leads, convert more of those leads to sale and even motivate your customers and client to buy and again and again and to spend even more when they do… and you'll find ALL of those tips, tricks and inside secrets with the brain of Brian Fanale [you can pick his brain here].

The ART you'll figure out as you go.

Now let me ask you once again…

What do you think...

Is SEO COPYWRITING MASTERY critical to your success? YES, show me how!No. I'm still not convinced!